Time for fresh new ideas? Wait; let’s put the lights on for a bit. And then let’s see if we can spark off some fresh new ideas for the next band of handyman packages in nashville, tn. Before the new arrivals? Well, many of you who are established might have seen a lot of changes in your neighborhood. And it’s nothing unique, as it turns out. Because one way or another, we have all been afflicted by COVID-19 and its novel coronavirus.

Speaking of which, that’s going to be top of your list, for sure. A good cleaning package. Let the handyman put together a swat cleaning team second to none.

Why that? Well, these will be guys and girls who have all be specially trained and equipped to carry out COVID-related or COVID-approved cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

Cleaning is not everything of course. Of course, it is the big-ticket issue, but there’s still a bunch of things the handyman and his girl and boy crew can still do. Young and agile they still have to be.

handyman packages in nashville, tn

Because someone’s got to go up the ladder. Sup can’t do it himself, getting too old and stiff. But he can still watch these guys and girls and blow the whistle every now and then when someone misses a spot.

Go back and do it over. Until it is one-hundred percent clean. Loads of other tasks still to go. There’s those painting jobs that also need ladders at times, although most of the time, they’ve jacked up their painting jobs with good scaffolding.

What else can these guys do? Carpentry jobs are good to go. Stonemasonry, tiling, bathrooms and kitchens. But plumbing? And the electrics? Might want to go easy on that.